Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Why Wasn't He Stopped? -- Courant.com

Why Wasn't He Stopped? -- Courant.com: "Under the guise of research, they say, Reardon would have them undress, fondle them to the point of sexual arousal and photograph them in suggestive poses — at times with other children.

Since that discovery, more than 60 adults have filed lawsuits, accusing St. Francis of negligence for not preventing the alleged abuse — including six who say they were abused after the first complaints were filed with the state in 1987.

'One of the tragedies is the decision of officials at the health department not to proceed [with disciplinary action in 1987],' said Susan Smith, an Avon lawyer who represents about half of Reardon's alleged victims. 'They allowed the doctors at the [Institute of Living] to be the judges in the case.'"


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