Saturday, March 22, 2008

Home Church Help

Home Church Help: "Let’s look at a totally different situation. If there were a brother or family among us who was going out and traveling to different cities to preach the gospel or function in their gifts – they are going to need money for traveling expenses. They are going to need support to cover their financial base while they are gone. These situations ought to be supported financially by the local church. I will be first in line to help support the traveling brothers.

Just like the apostle Paul (apostle means “one who is sent out”) who traveled from region to region and city to city – one who is sent out, someone who is traveling, someone who is on a journey in which the sole purpose of the journey is to do the work of the Lord, these people ought to be supported in their journey by the local assembly who is sending them. But to pay for the livelihood of a brother who lives among us, just because he has a particular gift or because he teaches a lot is simply the results of a confused and contrived tradition of men."


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