Tuesday, December 18, 2007

WorldNetDaily: The lust for power

WorldNetDaily: The lust for power:

"Hillary's quest for power has been personal. She has used Bill easily as much as he has used her. Her objective has never been merely to be the first lady. She has insisted on being the co-governor and co-president. And Bill has willingly complied, sharing power with her every step of the way -- or else.

In Arkansas, she was given full-rein to revamp the education system. The revealing tale of how she exerted dictatorial power over it -- even to the point of making the most miniscule decisions directly from the governor's mansion -- is reason enough to buy this book."

Her obsessive mission to saddle this nation with universal health care was riddled with the same secretiveness and abuses of power that characterized her education coup in Arkansas.

Every time Hillary has assumed a visible role of authority, she has brought havoc on herself by unmasking her true socialistic colors. And with every consequent public rebuke, she has withdrawn into Tammy Wynette, cookie-baking obscurity.

The book also documents many examples of corruption too numerous to detail here. Perhaps the most chilling is the account of the Chinese issuing a threat of war in a broken-English note delivered to Bill Clinton along with a bag of campaign cash (p. 290).

Now that Bill's political career is winding down, Hillary is flirting with a taste of the real thing: power in her own right and in her own name. People whose lives could be affected by New York Senator Rodham (which is all of us) should read this book. It gets juicier and more disturbing by the page.


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