Thursday, December 27, 2007

Dave Daubenmire -- Please, No Huck-A-Pastors for President

Dave Daubenmire -- Please, No Huck-A-Pastors for President

“But Coach”, you say. “We are not electing a pastor, we are elected a President.”

I know. That’s what scares me. The last thing we need is a “Pastor” as president. I’ve seen what a mess the compromising CEO/Pastors have made of the Christianity. If they won’t defend the Bible what makes us think the will defend the Constitution?

Some of you are squirming. That is a good thing. In a recent debate “former pastor” Huckabee made a joke about Jesus being too smart to run for office. Everyone laughed. I didn’t. You don’t run for the position of God. “Former minister” Huckabee doesn’t realize Jesus is already in charge. But if Jesus was running for office would He hide who He really was? Would He speak what He really believed or would He join the PC crowd, afraid to offend? Would a real “man of God” hide Jesus under a bushel?

There is a saying that America gets the leaders we deserve. Funny, isn’t it? Mike Huckabee is a reflection of the Church, a mirror if you will of the face of Christianity. He is so much a representation of the slick haired, full toothed, wide-smiling “Pastor” that floods our TV airwaves. “Former pastor” Mike Huckabee looks like modern TV-Christianity. That’s why he is so popular. That’s why the media loves him. He is “nice Christianity.”


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