Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Before you vote for Mike Huckabee Check This Out(BYVMHCO)

Arkansas Freedom

The Great Huck(ster)bee

By Don A. Bright

Author’s note: Most, if not all of the information for this and other national exposure of Huckabee’s wrongdoings would not have gotten to the public’s notice without the untiring efforts of anti-illegal immigration activist and Mike Huckabee watchdog, Joe McCutchen and his wife, Barbara, of Fort Smith, AR. For more on the exploits of Huckabee visit Joe’s website: ArkansasFreedom

I live in Arkansas. I have lived through two terms of “governance” under Mike Huckabee. That alone qualifies me for membership in the vastly expanding BYVMHCO (before you vote for Mike Huckabee, check this out) early warning academy. This encouraging and growing movement is represented by a lot of ex-Huckabee fans – inside and outside his circles – who were, like me, sorely disappointed and angry at his metamorphic personality.

At this point I should admit the error of my ways concerning Mr. Huckabee. I voted for the man the first time around. Yep, I fell for his “I’m a Conservative, Christian, honorable and trustworthy man of humble upbringing…” syrup drippings. It grieves me greatly to look back on this weakness.

Now, having gotten all that off my chest, I will proceed here to, hopefully, enlighten the BYVMHCO academy with a couple of heretofore unknown sins of the Baptist preacher.

Having no choice but break his cover-up-by-silence efforts, Huckabee came out and vociferously denied that the plan existed and that those who were saying it did exist were a bunch of “black helicopter”, anti-UN types who were trying to scare the good citizens of Arkansas. I am sure I remember him saying something to the fact that if any such effort as described by we scaremongers was ongoing he would have stopped it long ago.

So there was the governor of the State of Arkansas, effortlessly lying to his own citizens about a life-shattering event that would change their lives in a devastating manner. And in so doing he gleefully tried to destroy the reputations of other Arkansans. Typical acts of a true Christian? I’ll leave that for the reader to decide.

Well, needless to say, the barnyard filler hit the fan. Huckabee, acting like a kid with his hand in the cookie jar, began a barrage of denials, blame shifting and scapegoating that would have done Bill Clinton proud. We had managed to drag him kicking and screaming into the realm of truth. A realm in which, I’m sure, he did not recognize as familiar surroundings. Much to his discomfort he had to confront his deceit and openly put a stop to Arkansas’ cooperation in the UN invasion and the Biosphere plans were abandoned. Read Defeating the Biosphere by Henry Lamb

My second up front and personal experience with Huckabee happened during an interview with him on live radio. I couldn’t entice the man with the mutating mouth to be a guest on my show but a friend of mine who had a show following mine managed to land him and invited me to take part.

Many questions were asked covering a multitude of subjects. As is his wont, Huckabee danced around the difficult ones in a manner that would make Bo Jangles proud. I wanted desperately to get him on the subject of property rights and finally my chance came. I asked him for his opinion on regulatory takings and the property loss of individuals without just recompense by the government as called for in the Constitution.

I could see the anger in his face when I confronted him this subject. His answer? He stated that the taking of property by the government without paying for it had to be considered on a “case by case” basis. I thought I had him there and went in for the kill. Or at least I tried to. I began a question about how he could justify his position that the Fifth Amendment could be ignored on a “case by case” rationale. Half way through the question his face became livid and he interrupted me and changed the subject.


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