Monday, December 24, 2007

Alan Stang -- Are The Globalists Out to Get Ron Paul?

Alan Stang -- Are The Globalists Out to Get Ron Paul?

Losing in a fair fight would be bitter, but because of their beliefs – and Dr. No’s benign influence – they would go home in peace. Losing unfairly – because you kill the candidate, proving he could win – after such enormous effort would be intolerable; in other words, they would not tolerate it. I can assure you; they would not let it pass.

Who are they? Remember the patriot campaigns of old, run by little, old ladies from Pasadena in tennis shoes, accompanied by little, old men with no expertise? You used to make fun of them. David Rockefeller used to joke that they didn’t have $5 to attend their own meetings. That too is gone, finished.

Dr. No’s people are also doctors, lawyers, engineers, etc. They are the people who make this country go. They are computer nerds. Dr. No enjoys a monopoly on the nation’s nerds, because they know he is the only candidate who advocates real freedom, the only one who would keep the internet free. All the others would acquiesce in the conspiracy’s desire to control it.

The nerds can hack into anything. They have successfully hacked outfits like DOD. If they can get into DOD, they can get into anywhere. You can’t keep them out. They can take your identity and ruin your credit. They can create a lien on your property and a debt of $8 million to I.R.S. They can shut you down. If you whack Dr. Paul, they are going to be mad. You are terrified, as well you should be, about what they might do.

Even worse, Dr. No has enormous support in the military, certainly more support than any other Republican, even more support than Arizona traitor John McClunk. What does that tell you? Did you happen to know that the .50 caliber rifle has a range of more than a mile? Do you know how far that is? It’s far enough so that by the time you find out where it came from, the sorehead who did it has another name and identity supplied by the nerds and is dancing the tango in Buenos Aires.


Blogger Jameson said...

We are network of nerds. Its's cyberspace and physical boots on the ground that win the battle.
Sound familiar? Our current war is procecuted in this way.
The harder we push and inform, the media progressively finds ways of dropping Ron Paul.
Forums, meet-up groups, blimps, billboards, GCN network, flyers...
It's this type of multi-pronged informational blitz that is helping the Ron Paul and Liberty movement reach the saturation point. Once saturation is met, the rain of truth shall descend.
Rememeber,remember, the truth can not be denied.
That is why it is so dangerous.

8:45 AM  

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