Friday, November 23, 2007

Mainstream Media Ignites Vaccine Frenzy

It all started the morning of October 18 with a front page news link on Yahoo! with the inflammatory title, "Faking Faith" to avoid vaccines. The title of the actual article was much more toned down to "Parents Claim Religion to Avoid Vaccines(MSNBC) which is why not a whole lot of substantive articles turn up when searching the original front page link "Faking Faith."

Since then, there seems to have been a flurry of news reports, some local(which may make them harder to find), some national along with of course the results of the mainstream media's bringing this issue to the public's attention in such an alarming way, such as schools threatening parents with fines, jail, etc.

Here is just one example:
Vaccines or else: Parents blast order for Maryland schoolchildren -
(Maryland, where they've been giving out birth control$$$ at government school$$$ based health centers for more than 20 years. In 1993, their program to dispense to schoolgirls the now infamous Norplant.$$$ made international news.)

I'm in the process of trying to gather other news links I'm aware of. But vaccines are BIG $$$...follow the $. And when you add BIG government to the mix -SCARY -which is why America so desperately at this hour needs a man who is for limited government and the Constitution -just such a man is Ron Paul. Please consider doing what you can to share him any way you can BEFORE the primaries. And be looking for the Liber-tea party -December 16th when Lord willing, Dr. Paul will be receiving his 2nd "money bomb" and the largest one day political fundraiser in history.

While the alarmist way the media started the debate is detestable, it may serve to stir a needed debate, if we can actually get a "real" one. Promote and Vote Ron Paul in the primaries and Ron Paul 2008!

Below are various vaccine info links:

National Vaccine Information Center - Opposing Mandatory/Compulsory Vaccine Laws

Vatican's Medical Inquisition Revealed A History and Timeline of Vaccines - Global Vaccine Institute

Logic dictates common sense on Vaccines


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