Thursday, November 08, 2007

A Foreign Policy of Freedom by Ron Paul A Foreign Policy of Freedom: Peace, Commerce, and Honest Friendship: Books: Ron Paul

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HEADS UP: There will be an ALL OUT ATTACK on this man, Ron Paul with mischief and monkey business aplenty from those who are bent on erasing the U.S.A. and have more money than you could count. He's the only, true blooded American with a REAL chance! Republicans and Democrats LOVE what Ron Paul stands for! Yes, even some Dems are sick of their own.

The life or death of the U.S.A. hinges on the election of Ron Paul 2008.

From a survivalist standpoint, Ron Paul is America's LAST GREAT HOPE!

RON PAUL is the ONLY Republican who can and will defeat the Democrat opposition.

Mark my words, there will be an all out attack on this man. DON'T BELIEVE THE Mainstream Media! TURN FOX OFF and take time to do your research! Have you read "A Foreign Policy of Freedom?" GET THE FACTS about Ron Paul and HELP SPREAD THE TRUTH if you care one iota about the future of this country.

Ron Paul stands for EVERYTHING America USED to stand for. The FOUNDERS lives, fortunes and sacred honor cry out "RON PAUL!" Get in this campaign race and back a winner.


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