Sunday, April 02, 2006

Where Is The Religous Right Hiding These Days?

Where Is The Religous Right Hiding These Days?:

How can any rational person take Bush seriously about his "war on terrorism," when he treats the problem of illegal immigration with such a cavalier attitude? Beyond that, how can they accept his continued encroachments upon the liberties of the American citizenry with such indifference? Do they not realize that President Bush is punishing law-abiding Americans while opening the door of potential terrorism even wider? Have the American people (and especially the Religious Right) lost their minds?

Another example of how the Religious Right is sleeping through the Bush administration is their reaction (or lack of reaction) to the news that President Bush has placed our troops in Afghanistan under foreign commanders. (Source: AP newswire) When President Bill Clinton did this, the Religious Right screamed and hollered their indignation. When President Bush does it, they barely raise an eyebrow. What hypocrisy!

Sadly, however, foolish loyalty to partisan politics, the desire to ingratiate themselves before the powers that be, and the love of invitations to sit at the king's table have made the Religious Right impotent, and even worse, complicit to America's demise.

As important as it is, there is more to a presidential administration than anti-abortion rhetoric! At the end of Bush's second term (and it can't come too soon), abortion will still be lawful, but the havoc wreaked upon the U.S. Constitution and personal liberties will haunt us for decades!

"Think about the potential bloodshed and tumult associated with Bush's Draconian foreign policy. Consider the economic catastrophe resulting from Bush's penchant for spending federal dollars like a drunken sailor. Meditate for a moment on the gargantuan problems created by Bush's endorsement of massive illegal immigration. Frightening contemplations, indeed!

To repeat a statement I made in an earlier column, America's greatest problem is a preacher problem! For the most part, the Religious Right has spent the last 5 years in hiding. I suppose we can expect the next 'great awakening' during the 2008 presidential election season, when the prospect of a Democratic victory brings the Religious Right back from the dead.

If all the Religious Right can do is campaign for Republican presidential candidates with no regard as to how elected Republican presidents govern, it cannot honestly be regarded as either 'Religious' or 'Right.' Therefore, it might actually be better if the Religious Right stayed in hiding!

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