Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Universal Preschool - Universal Insanity

The Reiner(Meathead) initiative -an Interview with Dianne Flynn Keith:

Dianne is an ardent activist for parents teaching their own children! She is ANTI universal preschool as any thinking person should be:

"JSC: What's your definition of a good education?

DFK: I think it's different for every human being. I know that it's not about producing a product, hard as that may be to believe in a society that is product oriented. A good education is not linear. A good education is chaotic and messy. It's trial and error. It's the scientific method at work. A good education is human life expressing itself unencumbered by false agendas. The journey is what a good education is all about -- magnificent quantities of time to wonder, engage, and reflect in order to figure out who you are, what you're good at, what you want to contribute, and how to be happy. A good education provides the student with a sense of utter fulfillment and infinite joy in becoming the author and editor of his or her own life.


Anonymous Donna said...

And if the Lord is the author of your child's life? I wonder how she'd respond to that idea...

1:17 PM  

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