Monday, April 10, 2006

Scuffle breaks out at immigration rally | �

Scuffle breaks out at immigration rally | �

The march began at the corner of South 12th Avenue and Ajo Way, at St. John’s Catholic "Church." How convenient.

The current U.S. President said today that he welcome this. He welcome "citizens" letting "their" govenment know what they're upset about.

Illegal aliens are not American citizens. The majority of illegals are from Mexico. Their govenment is the Mexican government. Why are they not marching there?

This president is provoking a war in America. How convenient it would be for them to detain American citizens in concentration camps should war break loose.

We must be very careful and realize the "true" enemy, namely the current administration.

Not only must illegal invaders go, but all traitorous politicians.


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