Saturday, April 08, 2006

Disposable Diapers 'link to infertility'

BBC News | HEALTH | Nappy 'link to infertility':

"The German scientists believe their discovery could explain the rise in male infertility and drop in sperm counts over the past 25 years.

Cotton nappies

The average sperm count of European men has dropped by 25% over the last 25 years and around 27,000 British couples seek infertility treatment every year.

The scientists tested the scrotal temperatures of 48 baby boys over two 24-hour periods. Each of the babies wore either disposable plastic lined nappies or cotton nappies.

They found the disposable nappies impaired normal testicular cooling while the reusable nappies had no effect on temperature.

The scientists added that the temperature of the scrotum in boys with disposable nappies could be expected to increase further when they suffered from fevers."


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