Friday, April 07, 2006

Dem Rep. whines about nation's coolest state motto

Dem Rep. whines about nation's coolest state motto:

"A proposal to replace 'love it' with the state's official motto, 'Live Free or Die,' which has been on New Hampshire's license plates for decades, has widespread support in the Legislature. But some people would rather see something a little less, well, belligerent.

'I think that's an in-your-face motto. It's misinterpreted. It's out of context. That's not who we are,' said state Rep. Tim Robertson, a Democrat."

Robertson is among many who prefer an older version of the highway sign that advertised "Scenic New Hampshire."

"Live free or die" is said to have been uttered during an 1809 toast by New Hampshire's most distinguished Revolutionary War hero, Gen. John Stark. Many like the bite and the history behind the phrase. After all, this is a state that has a "Right of revolution" still written into its constitution.

If the House passes the bill requiring "Live Free or Die" to appear on all state highway welcome signs, Gov. John Lynch will sign it.

"It's a part of who we are and part of our history, heritage and culture and I think that is what people should see as they come across our borders," he said.


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