Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Citizens Who Protest Illegals are Criminalized in L.A.

A small contingent of American citizens, from SaveOurState.org, a local, southern California group opposing illegal immigration took to the streets this evening with American flags and a large banner reading, "Deport Illegal Aliens."

One American and member of the group, SaveOurState said that people's reactions were either vehemently opposed or thrilled and on their side. One youngster walked by looking suspicious and as he was asked how he felt about what they were doing, turned and with a sharp instrument punctured and tore the nice, vinyl banner that the group members were holding.

When the police arrived, it wasn't to protect these American citizens' first amendment rights. Nor were the officers concerned about taking any information on the young thug who damaged their property. Instead, these officers, who serve in the criminal friendly, sanctuary city of Los Angeles, directly commenced questioning of the citizens, requesting I.D., etc.

The officers were about to leave when they discovered one of the group members had a stun gun. The Los Angeles police were either completely ignorant of the law or playing dumb as they questioned the citizen's pemission to carry this protective device.

The owner of the protective device immediately informed them that it was absolutely legal for him to carry self defense items such as pepper spray or stun guns up to 750 watts. After confiscating the stun gun, the officers eventually returned it before dispersing.

As all of the police cars, as far as I'm aware, still boast, "To Protect and To Serve," it would have been fittting, after all of the questioning that the LAPD put these fine Americans through for the officers to have at least stayed to defend the citizens right to freely speak without being attacked, especially in lieu of all of the protected speech illegal aliens have been granted during the past two weeks of demonstrations and marching.


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