Tuesday, March 21, 2006

WeHateGringos and the "War on Terror"

The link below depicts the reason patiotic Americans believe that George W. Bush should be impeached. The current administration's war on terror seems to necessitate harboring terrorists.

How can we be in a "war on terror" with wide open borders? England's borders are also wide open while citizens submit to full body screens in the name of being protected by their government. This is our staunchest "ally?"

Many if not most of the photos featured were produced by activism of SaveOurState.org
Save Our State is a So. Cal based, U.S. anti-illegal immigration activist organization.

All of this while American soldiers lose life and limb to secure Iraqi borders? Wake up America or Good-bye U.S.A. Hello "North American Region," and then, World Dictatorship. War is a racket. And we've been told this will be a "long, protracted war." OTMs(other than Mexicans) flood our borders while a whole dept. called Homeland "Security" is created and spying on citizens is justified. We may be "fighting" terror in Iraq. But this administration is harboring terror in the Homeland. Useful idiots - useful terrorists

Keywords, "Atzlan" "Balkanization" "divide and conquer" "marshall law" "police state" "chaos" "madeleine cosman" "dereliction of duty" "impeachment" "New World Order" "one world Dictatorship" "United States Sovereignty" "one world government" "globalism" "regionalism" "north american region" "ftaa"

Who Killed the Jews? Hitler? Too narrow? The German People? Too broad. GOVERNMENT - Government killed the Jews.

"Divide the world into regional groups as a transitional stage to world government," Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin wrote in his book Marxism and the National Question. "Populations will more readily abandon their national loyalties to a vague regional loyalty than they will for a world authority. Later, the regionals can be brought all the way into a single world dictatorship...." Joseph Stalin, communist dictator and genocidal killer who murdered 62 Million Russians


Christians know that a One World Dictatorship is inevitable and that America will not endure forever. But should they be silent or sound an alarm or stay out of it altogether and focus on preaching the gospel?


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