Tuesday, March 07, 2006

A small tribute to Dr. Madeleine Cosman

When Terry Anderson announced for the first time that I had heard officially, this past Sunday night that Madeleine Cosman had passed away, I was shocked and saddened.

I never got to see or meet her in person. But when my dear husband began playing audio in our home of her speech at Carlsbad, I was instantly mesmerized! "WHO is this woman?" Where did she come from? What's her background, etc. etc. It was love at first sound.

IPB Image

(This image taken from the Southern Poverty Law Center who wrote a seemingly, maliciously false critique on Dr. Cosman but offered this lovely picture of her. )

I had so hoped to meet Dr. Cosman one day and can't help but wonder why the Lord would allow her to pass off the scene when she seemed to be in her prime even though she was nearing 70 years of age. She had so much to offer. Her voice was a rare and distinct voice, giving off "a clear note and a certain sound." Why did she leave when she was so desperately needed? I instantly suspected foul play as she most certainly had to have been viewed as a threat, enemy and or terrorist by the current, criminal government. But my husband said that she had struggled with some sort of illness for a long time.

Lord willing, maybe we'll find that one of her children shares her passion and some of her knowledge. Perhaps they or another one of her many admirers will attempt to pick up where Madeleine left off.

A Bio: Who is Madeleine Cosman?

The Madeleine Cosman Archive at NewsWithViews.com

Dagny Shoots and Flies by Madeleine Cosman

"Because I learned to shoot and to fly as a Jewish child during World War II, I confirm that flying and shooting teach the power of mind to surpass the body's limitations as earth-bound and as vulnerable to vicious thugs. Both flying and shooting require mental and physical discipline, preparation, practice, and bravura technique. A good gun with ammunition extends the reach of the hands of a rational, honest, just, independent person of integrity and initiative who takes pride in living life in liberty. A good aircraft flown with adequate fuel, a map, and clear visibility in open airspace reminds an Objectivist that distance can be vanquished with speed, and that plane perspective from the cockpit depicts that what is, is, that the horrific can be controlled, and that the ordinary can be magnificent."

Dr. Madeleine Cosman, a medical lawyer based in San Diego, California, was a director of the California Rifle and Pistol Association and wrote a monthly column for The Firing Line called "Madeleine's Guns and Medicine." She initiated the Rancho Santa Fe Lady Shooters. She was a volunteer with the San Diego County Sheriff's Department and a federal Community Emergency Response Team member. She lectured worldwide and has published fifteen books on medical law and on medieval culture, her most popular being, "Fabulous Feasts: Medieval Cookery and Ceremony.

These are some audio links. Not sure if they're all in working order. But if ANYONE OUT THERE has access to any audio by Madeleine, would you be so kind as to post it here to share with everyone what a dynamic, dramatic speaker and elgant lady she was? Any pictures of Dr. Cosman you would be willing to share would be appreciated as well. wub.gif


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