Thursday, March 09, 2006

The Home School Court Report Vol. XVI, No. 5 -- Compulsory Attendance: Who decides for our CHILDREN?

Compulsory Education Laws: The Dialogue Reopens:

"Germany’s Education System

In 1908, only a half dozen years before the Kaiser’s attempt to conquer Europe, George Milton, Editor of the Knoxville Sentinel, published an article, “Compulsory Education and the Southern States.” In this piece, he referred admiringly no less than three times to the German compulsory attendance system, including this gushy quote:

The Germans were the earliest to institute a system of general education, and the wonderful progress of Germany in every respect is now largely attributed to the thoroughness of national education...

The fact that in Germany elementary education has been generally compulsory and, to a large extent, also gratuitous, for more than one hundred and fifty years, is recognized to be an essential element in recent political, industrial, and commercial successes of the nation.4"


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