Friday, March 31, 2006

Fox News "Debating" U.S. Torture?

Fox: Should We Torture People To Prevent Terror Attacks?
Twisting logic to justify anti-American debauchery

Paul Joseph Watson/Prison | March 29 2006

Fox News continued their efforts to make jackbooted tyranny seem as normal as drinking a cup of coffee yesterday when it aired a segment asking if Zacarias Moussaoui should have been tortured in order to prevent 9/11.

Should we therefore go one step further and torture the guy's children? Maybe crush their genitals in a vice? Bush advisor John Yoo said such a measure was Constitutionally viable. We have a White House advisor advocating the crushing of children's genitals! Does Bush have to roast babies on the White House lawn before we take notice? Would his advisors ague that to be Constitutional? On the grounds that Bush can do whatever he likes because he is above the law?

As one man exclaimed on Waco: Rules of Engagement, the whole premise of American society is to protect children even if it means coming in between the parents and their children. But just as at Waco and just as advocated by the Bush administration, government now uses children, even harms them to get whatever they want out of the parents.


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