Friday, March 17, 2006

Crayons, snacks ... & HIV Curriculum for Kindergartners

Crayons, snacks ... & HIV Curriculum for Kindergartners

Kindergartners will learn about virus come Monday

Along with the ABC's, kindergartners will now learn about HIV.

Beginning Monday, kindergartners in public schools will be told that HIV is a "germ" and "not easy to get."

The kids also will learn that HIV could lead to AIDS, which is hard to "get well" from, according to the city's new HIV/AIDS curriculum.

The changes are required by state law - but some parents and teachers fear kindergartners are too young to talk about the deadly disease.

"I don't think it is appropriate. It's scary for kids in kindergarten," said a Manhattan mom whose daughter attends kindergarten at Public School 166 on the upper West Side.

"How do you talk about AIDS without talking about sex and drugs?" she asked.

Elementary school teachers in all grades have been instructed to teach beginning next week from the updated lessons, which include a project that tells kindergartners to play "doctors" and discuss HIV.


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