Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Mexican Presidency to 'Dirty War' - Yahoo! News

Details Emerge on Brutal Mexican 'Dirty War' - Yahoo! News: "By JULIE WATSON, Associated Press Writer Mon Feb 27, 5:57 PM ET

MEXICO CITY - A leaked draft of a government report on Mexico's 'dirty war' alleges that the country's presidency orchestrated an anti-insurgency campaign in which soldiers carried out summary executions, raped women, and set entire villages on fire."

The report describes soldiers dressed in civilian clothes gunning down five men in the community of Los Piloncillos in front of their families, friends and neighbors.

After guerrillas ambushed and killed 18 troops in 1972, the army detained at least 90 men in the village of El Quemado and took many of them to three different military bases that served as "concentration camps," according to the report.

Seven of the men died from being tortured, the report states.


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