Thursday, February 02, 2006

Alito Sides With Mo. Inmate on Death-Row - Yahoo! News

Alito Sides With Mo. Inmate on Death-Row - Yahoo! News

The Missouri Supreme Court has set a Feb. 1 execution date for a man who pleaded guilty to killing a Kansas City teenager more than 15 years ago. Michael Taylor, 38, pleaded guilty to first-degree murder, forcible rape, armed criminal action and kidnapping for the March 1989 killing of Ann Harrison. Court documents state that Ann, 15, was waiting for her school bus when Taylor and his accomplice, Roderick Nunley, forced her into their stolen vehicle. According to court records, Taylor raped Harrison in Nunley's mother's basement and Nunley facilitated the rape and then helped Nunley kill her because they were afraid she would identify them. Nunley entered guilty pleas to first degree murder, for which he was sentenced to death; armed criminal action; kidnapping; and forcible rape. Nunley pleaded guilty to the four charged offenses without a sentencing recommendation from the state, which had indicated it would seek the death penalty even if he pleaded guilty. Both were sentenced to death in 1991 and then, after their sentences were overturned, were again sentenced to death in 1994.


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