Friday, January 27, 2006

WorldNetDaily: How public schools are sabotaging America

WorldNetDaily: How public schools are sabotaging America

I am always amazed at the ignorance of billionaires, smart enough to
create great new industries, but totally misinformed when it comes
to the problems of our education system. The problems do not start
in high school. They start in primary school, and often in
kindergarten and pre-school. The blatant educational malpractice
that takes place in those early school years is what sets our
students on the road to academic disaster.

The educators can get away with this academic genocide because their
methods seem to produce acceptable results up to the 4th grade. But
after that, it's all downhill to the bottom of the slope in 12th
grade. And by the time we get to the 12th grade, everyone –
including Mr. Gates – forgets what happened in the 1st grade.

We've written extensively about how the teaching of reading by the
whole-word method produces the symptoms of dyslexia. We've explained
how these teaching methods were devised by our top educators to
produce the results they wanted: the dumbing down of America. And
Mr. Gates believes that he can stop the dumbing-down process by
redesigning the American high school with more rigorous courses in
math and science.

But if the majority of kids can't read well enough, how is making
the high-school curriculum tougher going to help them? If Mr. Gates
would spend a couple of million dollars getting intensive phonics
into the primary schools, he might have a better chance of
redesigning the entire system, not just the high schools.

But many American parents have decided not to wait until Bill Gates
has redesigned the high schools or our educators have decided to
redesign our primary schools. That is why the homeschool movement
continues to grow. In the next few months, when virtually every
state in the union will have a homeschool convention, it behooves
concerned parents to look into this revolutionary way of educating
their children by attending one of these conventions.

And if you have a child ready to learn to read, do not put that
child in a public school where his or her brain will be injured by
educational malpractice. Prevention is well worth the cost of
remedial tutoring in future years. If you would like information
about my own very effective phonics program, just e-mail me. At
least your child will not become a victim of the public educators.

Of course, some of you will insist that your local teachers are just
fine. But it doesn't take much to destroy a young brain, even if the
teacher has a smiling face.


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