Thursday, January 05, 2006


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“We strongly urge senators not to confirm Judge Alito,” said Lynn. “His legal record indicates he has a deeply flawed understanding of church-state separation and serious disregard for the rights of religious minorities against majoritarian influence.”

ANY official that isn't 100% loyal to The FIRST amendment is a threat to America. Wake up America. We are under attack from without and even more from within.

Note: Many God friendly Americans will automatically reject this site because of their headline about the Intelligent Design "Victory." What I would say to those Americans is this: The whole idea of government schools is a bad one. It's a failed experiment. Let the nightmare end and Americans stop looking to the government to raise/educate their children. Do you really trust the public school system to do a good or honest job of teaching your children or other American children about God? Do you really want government school teachers who may not know the Lord and also be hostile to Him to become your childrens Sunday school teacher(Monday-Friday?)

Think about it.

What we are now witnessing in America is a backlash in response to years of attack on good and anything having to do with God in America. But the end doesn't justify the means. Don't be fooled! The answer is NOT for the government to begin to promote or sanction religion! We STILL must vigilantly guard our freedoms to practice religion freely without coercion or government choosing "which" religion will be favored.


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