Sunday, January 22, 2006

Bush an alien in his own party

Not really. Most Republican politicians are also globalist if the way they vote is any indication. Bush an alien in his own party: "The RNC resolution suggests that schools, hospitals and churches are sanctuaries that local governments must bring under control. Chambers of commerce that acknowledge the nation's reliance on illegal labor and defend business for using it must be contributing to the sanctuary problem, too. Heaven forbid the town of Jupiter opens its immigrant work center.

Mr. Pullen is right about one thing. It is much easier for the federal government to withhold money, deflect blame and turn away than to find real solutions.

President Bush's guest worker plan is imperfect and limited. But it is also an honest, thoughtful attempt to deal with an excruciatingly difficult problem that is contorted by political demagoguery and paranoia.

Republicans should consider supporting the president."



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