Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Why We No Longer Celebrate Christmas

Why We No Longer Celebrate Christmas

David Alan Black

(Recently my wife wrote this letter to a friend of hers explaining our family’s philosophy about Christmas. I thought a wider audience could benefit from reading it. DB)

I woke with you on my mind and how I was going to explain what our Lord has done in the area of Christmas in our lives. There are so many different avenues with which I could approach the issue, I can’t decide which one to take….so I’ll take ALL of them! (In order, of course!) The avenues are: personal journey, Scriptural teachings, early roots of Christmas, and “recent” evolutions in church life re. Christmas (Chm).

First the personal journey. Since we are relatively new friends, let me tell you that I have always had a “simple is best” approach to Christmas. I’m basically just a little African girl and my personality is not a frills-type. Nor am I very materialistic. If the Lord took away all my possessions today, it wouldn’t bother me in the least…except that I’d miss the sentimental things. Regarding Chm., the heavy emphasis on materialism has always been revolting to me, probably in part because I grew up in the poverty of Ethiopia, and know that things have nothing at all to do with happiness. It also is revolting to me how people use gifts to extract “love” and “commitment”….they are manipulative and enslaving. There is a very definite gift-comparison that goes on, even between believers in SS classes, or extended family! One person “ups the anti” with a bigger & better gift, then the other has to out-do that level…pride is very evident in the whole gift-giving thing. It has long-since stopped being a pure love thing. (And my personal feeling is that this breeds the high rate of depression & suicide that goes on during this time of year…the pressure to perform, and the knowing that the gift received isn’t really given with love is just too much for some people.)


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