Friday, December 09, 2005

The Energy NON Crisis by Lindsay Williams

Lindsay Williams, author of The Energy NON Crisis," was the guest speaker last night at the Granada Forum. He came with a warning to his audience and that was simply this: Either we as Americans wake up and do something now or we will all be slaves to those who in fact control the world. What he really did was fuel my suspicion that there's probablly enough black gold just in Texas to allow America to run independently. It's the same in Mexico. They have vast natural resources. But corruption is ruining it for us all.

The most amazing thing I think I learned while listening to Mr. Williams speak was that oil wells replenish themselves every 75 years. Not surprising as the Lord didn't make the earth in vain. He created it to be inhabited. Isaiah 45:18

Mr. Williams said that if you would've came up to him in the late 60s or the 70s and asked him if there were a group of people controlling the world he would said to you, "Are you one of a John Bircher?"

But Mr. Williams believes that because of divine providence(because it couldn't have happened any other way) he now has a message that he can't keep silent about. He said that up until just six months ago he wasn't saying some of the things he is now. But he came to the point that he knew he had to either be a slave in his own country or tell the truth and hope somebody listens.

Lindsay Williams was a chaplain on the Alaskan pipeline, who as he puts it, was promoted by divine providence to an executive position where he lived with the dastardly people who do control this world for three years.

Below are notes from Mr. Williams speech:

At Gull Island, Alaska the largest oil pool in North America, if not the world was discovered. It should've been front page news on every major paper in the country. But it was not. And the facts were classified. The United States could be completely sovereign and self sufficient if only the Bush administration would deal honestly with the American people. But they don't dare. They see what has happened to those who have dared to deal honestly -men like Larry McDonald, George Hanson and J.F.K.

Gasoline here in America could be as low or lower than $1.50 a gallon within twelve months if the U.S. goverment would allow Alaskan oil through. Gasoline in California is soon going to be $4.00 to $5.00 a gallon(someone said $6.00-$7.00) and then your standard of living is gone.

In the early 60s crude oil was chosen as the method of controlling the world. Oil effects everything from toothbruses, to garbage sacks, to polyester in clothing to synthetic shoe material to drugs. Prices at the grocery and hardware stores are aggressively on the rise.

I keep records on prices and in one week, every single item at the grocery store had gone up. My son told me I should've bought that ladder I wanted as it had gone up $18.00 in one week.

What we pay at the gas pump is a form of taxation(one woman in the audience said, "extortion,") that goes to those who control the world. Gas in the near future will be 4-5 dollars a gallon. And then your standard of living if gone.

In the 60s or 70s Henry Kissinger, secretary of state who traveled to almost evry oil producing nation in the world told mthe mideast, "I'll cut you a deal. America will buy oil from you if, #1) You must denominate all oil sales in dollars. #2) You must take a certain % of our American dollars & buy our national debt. And that's the only thing keeping American dollar afloat today. It gets to the point where you either be a slave in your own land or tell the truth and hope somebody listens.

Two countries didn't sign on to Mr. Kissinger's offer. One of those countries is Iraq. Iraq is the second largest oil field on the face of the earth. There are a lot of people more evil than Sadaam. Russians have killed more and yet we've joined them in wars. Something is either done now or we're slaves.

Abna Dethreay, with the CIA and the State Dept. was sent in 1990 to Iraq with the message that we would not invade if you invade Kuwait. (It was intentional) And Kuwait had been a part of Iraq.

Our state dept. wanted to tackle Sadaam. Former, President of the United State, George H.W. Bush was voted out of office after one term. His son had to finish the job. The standard currency of the world is oil.

You used to be able to buy a silver dollar with a dollar bill. Try that now. How much does it cost to buy a quality silver dollar? Maybe $24 or $25 dollars?

They're trying to set up a democracy in Iraq. That's what those who control the world need. A democracy consists of "we the sheople." A Republic consists of "We the People!"

If they don't succeed the American dollar will be worthless. Now they're faced with Iran. The Bush-Chenney dynasty is milking America for everything we're worth.

Gold is a trap. Yesterday it was up $523 an ou. Interest only mortgage on your house. They told the Arabs to buy gold! It was a trap.

Someone asked Mr. Williams, "Don't you think it's time to brush down the cob webs and start over?" Mr. Williams replied, "No! I think it's time to kill the spider."

There is a chain in economy. The manufacturer sells to the wholesaler who sells to the retailer who sells to you. Same with oil. Who is the person making this big in between amount with oil? Who are they, -the inbetween person that tells Opeck what they're gonna give 'em a day while they make exorbitant profits? If hyou'll listen to the powers that be(PTB,) like Greenspand or the head of Exxon, where did they get the $ from to forgive all those third world countries their loans? Your gas tank.

"They" are not the oil refinery's. Who's making more? IMF and The World Bank. They diminished our lifestyle to give to those countries. You're going to pay for your own demise at the gas pump. Goldman Sachs predicted $365 a barrel cude oil. Brazil went to the World Bank many years ago saying, "We need a loan to make our country great." "Okay."

Brazil comes back saying, "We can hardly pay the innterest." No problem. "We'll give you more credit. And now the World Bank owns [???] of Brazil.

The people who control the world make over $60 billion dollars a year. Turn around and buy our national debt. Iran is the 3rd largest oil field in the world. Flood world with cheap oil & denominate all oil sales in Euros. If Iran succeeds on date set, it will collapse the American dollar. They're gonna take on Iran with every excuse in the book. War is a racket, the oldest racket, conducted for the benefit of a few at the expense of the many. John Perkins, "The Confessions of an Economic Hit Man." I don't know how he's still alive. United States Agency of International Development. You can look this up on the internet. Perkins talks of rigged elections, sex and murder.

my own note: Makes sense as "Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely," and those who control the world's currency -being crude oil, certainly have absolute power.

Mr. Greeenspan, American debt was 7 trillion. Today, 8 trillion plus in mo of September, U.S. Bureau of Public Debt website went up_______ in one day. Bush administration ran up 94.4 bilion dollars in ONE month.

No new oil refinnerys built in America in over 20 years. President Bush cannot allow you to get oil from Gulf Island. But it would collapse our economy. Somebody must buy our national debt. 4 to 5 dollars in the very near future is what a gallon of gas will cost. Because YOU will be paying national debt & 3rd world countries loans at the gas pump.

What happend to the 56 men who signed the Declaration of Independence? Some tortured then killed or tortured to death. 24 lawyers or jurists, merchants, farmers who knowing the penalty would be death if captured, died in hounded by British...served in congress without pay, vandalized, soldiers both ravished properties of several...

They pledged their lives, futures and sacred honor and gave us the priviledge of a free land.

About 6 months ago the Lord told me to start giving away my books. I've told you things that only within the last 5 mos I've begun saying,

Vaccinations are part of their program. Before cancer was practically unknown. Deadly new diseases. Do you thnk they're all by chance? Family farm, diesel fuel price forbid them to harvest . ther's a documentary of a heart rending story of what's happening the the family farmer.


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