Thursday, November 17, 2005

The Pastor/priest: Where Did He Come From?

The Pastor: Where Did He Come From?

by Frank Viola

It is a universal tendency in the Christian religion,
as in many other religions, to give a theological
interpretation to institutions which have developed
gradually through a period of time for the sake of
practical usefulness, and then read that
interpretation back into the earliest periods and
infancy of these institutions, attaching them to an
age when in fact nobody imagined that they had such a

-Richard Hanson

The Pastor.[1] He is the fundamental figure of the
Protestant faith. He is the chief, cook, and
bottle-washer of today’s Christianity. So prevailing
is the Pastor in the minds of most Christians that he
is better known, more highly praised, and more heavily
relied upon than Jesus Christ Himself!

Remove the Pastor and modern Christianity
collapses. Remove the Pastor and virtually every
Protestant church would be thrown into a panic. Remove
the Pastor and Protestantism as we know it dies. The
Pastor is the dominating focal point, mainstay, and
centerpiece of the modern church. He is the embodiment
of Protestant Christianity.

But here is the profound irony. There is not a
single verse in the entire NT that supports the
existence of the modern day Pastor! He simply did not
exist in the early church.

(Note that I am using the term “Pastor” throughout
this booklet to depict the modern pastoral office and
role. I am not speaking of the specific individuals
who fill this role. By and large, those who serve in
the office of Pastor are wonderful people. They are
honorable, decent, and often gifted Christians who
love God and have a zeal to serve His people. But it
is the role they are fulfilling that both Scripture
and church history are opposed to as this article will

The Pastor is in the Bible . . .


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