Sunday, November 27, 2005

America Falling - Rome Rising

The Jewish, online newspaper,, features an article with the headline, "ADL's Foxman warns of efforts to 'Christianize America." The author tells us, "The ADL, considered the largest Jewish organization in America, has in the past spearheaded campaigns against religious preachers and Christian elements deemed unusually extreme. But this is the first all-out media assault by an ADL head on the U.S. Christian establishment."

Haaretz offers readers a section to comment to the article, called "Talkback," where approved messages are posted.

Below is an edited version of my response:

All of the Talkback I've read has been very interesting.

I did notice however some confusing of Christianity with Catholicism. The mass media is forever referring to Catholicism as Christianity, which just ain't so.

Mr. Foxman named names saying, "Major players include Focus On Family, Alliance Defense Fund, the American Family Association, Family Research Council and more. They and other groups have established new organizations and church-based networks, and built infrastructure throughout the country designed to promote traditional Christian values."

I would like someone to try and prove that even ONE of these groups is authentically Christian. I am convince that not ONE of these groups preaches the gospel along with biblical obedience to the everlasting gospel as preached by the Apostles. What we have in America is a blend of pagan Catholicism with biblical Christianity. But that's not what Jesus shed blood for.

Furthermore, anyone beginning to grasp an understanding of religious history should know that Roman Catholicism and New Testament, Christianity are enemical. Roman Catholicism originated in Rome. Christianity originated in Israel. Roman Catholicism is based on a political hierarchy. Christianity has no hierarchy. Roman Catholicism is Un-American. Christianity complements the Constiution and the spirit of liberty that embodies, true Americanism. Roman Catholicism produces pagans, enslaving and damning their souls. Christianity converts pagans and offers them the gift of eternal life. Most importantly, the Roman Pope is the head of the Roman Catholic institution. JESUS is the head of the church.

There's only one church. It includes men and women, boys and girls of every nation, every skin color. Jesus never coerced or forced anyone into it. It's impossible to do so. The same can never be honestly stated about Roman Catholicism. Just ask the Christians throughout history and today who have suffered extreme persecution or death at the hands of Roman Catholics. One place that Christians are suffering Roman Catholic-state persecution today is in Mexico. In America, persecution hasn't yet heated up. But the message is clear. Be inclusive or be castigated.

America, way back before forced attendance via police-state, "complusory attendance laws"(which are unconstitutional and must be abolished) were passed, before generations of Americans were dumbed down in government, indoctrination centers, aka "public"(socialist) schools or universities(which by the way were at one time places for truthseekers,) long before Americans were threatened with having their little children forcibly removed from their homes via the inundation of "Universal Preschool" propaganda, back when Americans knew their rights and valued the Constitution, Americans were keen on the evils of Rome, and Roman Catholicism in America was unpopular.

Now however, the majority of justices on the U.S. supreme court are Catholics, including President Bush's recent Chief Justice, nominee, John Roberts, who I remember saying, "It's a free country and it's a good thing that it is," which struck me as a possible, guised threat. Politicians run and win on platforms, showcasing their Catholic "faith." Major media networks, including talk radio stations, which are supposed to be "bastions of American conservatism," are owned, controlled or influenced by Roman Catholics or those who are "Pro-Catholic." One talk show host told me himself that his radio station forbade negative talk about "the church." Another talk show host, Michael Medved, who professes orthodox Judaism, has a national listening audience, syndicated by Salem Communications refers to the pope as "Holy Father," and did so ad nauseum during the recent historical, world events surrounding the Roman Catholic "church" and the Roman pope in spring of this year.

And the confusion isn't just secular. Confusion is staggering among those professing Christ. Your average, dumbed down, America "Christian" thinks that Roman Catholics are saved. If this kind of thinking continues, America may as well just surrender to her fate of becoming a hedonistic, Catholic nation under the guise of "Christianity" and let all of the heathens just go to hell in the process.

The Federal government has failed to protect us as millions of illegal aliens who are pagan Catholic have invaded our country. Catholic Charities aids and abets illegal activity and promotes rampant lawlessness in cooperation with certain cities, namely "Santuary Cities," by brazenly breaking federal laws in establishing "Day Laborer Centers," in cooperation with city officials, also referred to by one rag as "city fathers."

Mr. Foxman's concerns may be valid and simply misdirected. Mr. Foxman is focusing on watered down Catholicism or "Catholic lite," and not New Testament, Christianity which is scarce in America. Mr. Foxman's concerns, though misguided, aren't without validity as America is under attack, from without and within. If Rome continues to encroach and succeeds at invading every U.S. institution and the mass media, her stranglehold will deal a death blow to America and all that she stands for. Read "Rulers of Evil," to learn more. Americans must wake up to the fact that we are in the throes of empire and desperately need an awakening of sound, biblical, Christianity, at least one, last time, before it's too late.

The threat to America isn't, apolitical Christianity, but rather political, Roman Catholicism. What Mr. Foxman and others who may have a sincere love of liberty and a love for people, need to be concerned with is not the Christianization of America, but America's growing "Roman Catholization."


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