Thursday, September 15, 2005

Madeleine to Replace Sandra Day

I only found out about Madeleine Cosman a few weeks ago but am convinced she would be a brilliant choice to replace Sandra Day O'Connor. Madeleine appears to be a real, live conservative whose background is MEDICAL law! Imagine, with the current debate over medicine, how relevant a real conservative on the bench would be, whose specialty is Medical law!

Madeleine is also staunchly against lawlessness, including the rampant lawlessness assaulting our country via the handling of illegal immigration by our elected officials. Her biography is intriguing, her speaking ability superb. Madeleine seems to be a fascinating woman, particularly in that she is not a mainstream figure at this point. Mysteriously elegant is how I would describe Madeleine Cosman based in part on some of the books she has written.

Unlike Judge Roberts, Madeleine Cosman would be a justice that we could learn and understand a great deal about before seating her. Professionally and perhaps even personally -where she's coming from, where she stands on the issues and who she is can be studied and read about on-line. We seem to find something in Madeleine so lacking in the world of politics, the judiciary and even religious circles today - a clear note and a certain sound.

Conservatives could rest easy knowing that beyond shadow of doubt, the President they voted into office appointed at least one, genuine conservative. Madeleine Cosman, being a woman would be the perfect replacement of Sandra Day O'Connor!


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