Sunday, September 11, 2005

Free Katrina Lessons for Children Available

Calvert Schools Give the United States a Lesson on How Efficient Learning Can be by Offering FREE Lessons to children! This is a perfect example of why it is wrong to Waste BILLIONS on so-called "education."

Free Katrina Lessons for Children Available by Clicking HERE.
Hunt Valley, MD 21030 September 8 2005

Lessons for children explaining Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath
been created by Calvert School to help parents and teachers better
this natural disaster.

“Children are seeing news coverage and hearing about the devastation,
often they fear the same thing could happen to them,” said Jean C.
president of Calvert Education Services, the homeschooling division of
Calvert School that prepared the lessons. “It is important to help
understand why this event is so unusual so they won’t be fearful when
next storm hits their neighborhood.”

Once again, The lessons are available at no charge on the Calvert School Website at


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