Wednesday, July 06, 2005

History Lessons Not Lost on Vietnamese

From the Michael Medved Fan Blog:

It's always heart-warming when history's lessons are
not lost:

Communists Not Welcome in So. Cal

A Southern California city known as "Little
Saigon" because of its large Vietnamese population has
become the first U.S. city to declare itself a "no
Communist" zone.

The city council in Garden Grove, about 30 miles
south of Los Angeles, passed a resolution on Tuesday
saying it "does not welcome, or sanction high-profile
visits, drive-bys or stopovers by members or officials
of the Vietnamese Communist government."

The resolution, passed to cheers from a crowd of
about 200 Vietnamese residents, also urged city
officials to refrain from "initiating engagements with
or facilitating" visits by Vietnamese Communists.

Garden Grove and the neighboring city of
Westminster are home to some 90,000 residents of
Vietnamese descent -- the largest Vietnamese
population outside Vietnam. Many are political
refugees and visits by visiting Vietnamese government
delegations are frequently met with large protests and

"It is a provocation," said councilman Van Tran,
who came to southern California from Vietnam as a 10
year-old refugee. "They claim they want reconciliation
with the Vietnamese community here but they drive
through Little Saigon in motorcades with lights
blazing and with motorcycle escorts as if they own the

Compare and contrast with another California town.
Berkeley's city council passed resolutions praising
communist leaders.


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