Thursday, July 21, 2005

Hello Mexico, Goodbye America? - No Way Jose!

Corrupt government, conspiracy, new world order, no future.

A Step on the Slippery Slope to Merger with Mexico

By Diana Hull, Ph.D.

Most of the 955,310 people who were apprehended last year trying to cross our unprotected southern border were Mexicans. The number who got through is anybody's guess, but add them to the estimated 7 to 11 million illegal aliens already here. Oddly, the Mexican government seems more concerned about the welfare of its citizens once they flee their own country than while they are enduring the hardships of life at home, without either jobs or a "safety net." In Mexico the poor are a burden and could stimulate unrest, but once in the United States, they become a precious asset to their government.


A member of the California Assemby who voted for approving the card did so, she said, to assist law enforcement officials trying to identify detained foreign nationals, without any papers. Allan Wall, writing in the Winter 2002 Social Contract , says this is the real reason for issuing the cards-to make the deportation of illegal aliens a thing of the past, a very high priority for President Fox. The cards, Wall believes, are a part of "an organized campaign to subvert US immigration laws, impede the assimilation of immigrants and cultivate the existence of a vast pro-Mexican lobby in the United States." He says "this effort has scarcely begun, but is already bearing fruit" and Americans need to be aware of it. "What is at stake here," says Wall, "is nothing less than American sovereignty."


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