Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Lori Ann on the Michael Medved Show

Below is the transcript to the audio clip above.

With the help of the Lord, I called in and got through for the first time today, after listening to Mr. Medved for about 7 years now. I started listening to him about 2 years prior to 9-11.

I called in to disagree with his scoffing, earlier in the week at the idea of abolishing, not necessarily public/government school, but abolishing compulsory attendance laws.

Below is the transcript of our conversation. I feel like I failed in various ways. But I'm trying to encourage myself for having had the courage to call in. I have felt pretty intimidated and just not led to ever call the Micahel Medved show until now.

If you have any helpful criticism or suggestions for me, your help would be appreciated.

Lori Ann: Mr. Medved.

Michael Medved: Yes.

L.A. Greetings in Jesus' name. And I thank the Lord for the priviledge I've had of listening to you for about 2 years pre 9-11 and for the free education I've received in the comfort of my own home.

M.M. Well thank you so much.

L.A. Yes and um I'm calling because I heard you scoffing earlier this week at the idea of abolishing compulsory attendance laws and I kinow for a lot of people that does seem way far out there. In fact she said, "We HAVE to go to public school. Some of us can't afford private schools. We HAVE to go there." I just, I , that's not true. We can do better for American children than what we're doing right now. In California, liberal California, almost 10 ballot initiatives, just, within the past two days, I believe, were re um, uh...refused and left six hundred volunteers who had called and tried to get these passed through, um where they were gonna tax land parcels to support schooling and um...

M.M. Well, look, I'm I'm I'm glad about that and you know Lori Ann I very, very much believe in choice in education and I believe that we should have a voucher system. But I don't think a voucher system can ever work, un unless there are some governmental investments in schools that that that would be government schools for people who choose them. I don't believe in a government school monopoly. But I don't believe in government school abolition either. It's the same way that we have with colleges and universities, in other words, we have lots of excellent private colleges and universities, but we also have state supported universities for people who want that. I don't understand why that's a problem.

L.A. Daniel Lapin has publicly endorsed the separation of school and state. If you get the government out of not just education, but out of a lot of things, all of us, the whole world, would be a lot better off.

M.M. Alright, I don't see if for a moment Lori Ann. I, I , I, I really don't , because look, I would like to believe that we could go back to an America where you had schooling provided entirely by private means, but I don't think that's realisticly possible, and meanwhile, when you talk that way, I think it makes it much less likely that you're going to persuade people about providing choice in education cause it makes it sound like your real motivation is to destroy the public schools, which a lot of people like and a lot of people depend on, and I actually believe we should have more choice, not less, you're suggessting that we should eliminate the choice of of public education.

L.A. uhbb... (I failed to object)

M.M. Now let's go back to this issue of compulsory education Lori Ann .

L.A. O.K.

M.M. I do believe that there is a problem of some parents simply refusing to send their kids to school. And I do think if we're going to have a republic in which everyone is entitled to vote and in which people have to share some responsibility for the future of this republic, it is perfectly legitimate to require all parents to send their children to school for some period of time, because otherwise, I uh, do you also believe that we should get rid of child labor laws?

L.A. uh no, I, I , I really am not informed with that, but um that was actually my argument. I was going to say instead of compelling children and forcing attendance at public schools, why don't we already have laws that would protect children, laws of neglect and as you said...

Michael Medved: Well, we have laws, we have laws by the way that permit and I'm all in favor of this, I'm a big supporter of homeschooling, and we homeschooled our kids for a couple of years, and that was wonderful and then they've also attended religious schools and they've also attended public schools and we've had very very good educational experiences in all three venues. But, let me tell you that I I I don't believe that you should force kids out of the home if there is homeschooling going on. But, if there is not, uh, I think you're in big trouble.

Let's go quickly to Landy in Dallas on disagreement day on KSKY, Newstalk 660, You're on the Michael Medved Show.


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